Broadening Horizons

PREMMIT provides services to asset managers and professional investors, with a focus on alternative investment strategies.

Through a network of over one hundred regulated professionals across the Market Securities group and associated companies, we aim to provide investment solutions to meet a wide range of investment targets and parameters.

Our overriding aim is simple: to facilitate investment into well-defined investment strategies with a view to improving returns and diversification.

Weighing Up the Alternatives

It goes without saying that an investment decision can be as much about selecting which asset types to invest in, as about selecting a specific management team or strategy. The PREMMIT team have deep experience working with investors across major types of alternative investments, from illiquid to liquid strategies, and across most major asset classes.

Time is arguably the most precious resource of any investor. Above all, we aim to streamline the investment process by providing clear, concise and relevant information.


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